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In her ground-breaking book for Business Owners and Senior Leaders, Virginia helps you discover:

  • How to avoid the 10 MOST COMMON transformation pitfalls
  • 5 ways to define a clear & motivating vision for the future
  • Why you should be WARY of including Subject Matter Experts in your core team
  • 3 ways to become an empowered leader who acts as a catalyst for creating and maintaining a high-performing team
  • What it really takes to transform an organisation and why it’s NOT just another project



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How patient do you need to be?

As a leader you will almost certainly feel a degree of pressure at some point when delivering change. When this happens it can feel as if you’re the only one up for what it’s going to take to achieve the outcomes your organisation is looking for. And it can be very...

Failing Your Way to Success

Failing Your Way to Success Commenting to a friend recently how much I was struggling with the issue of failing in relation to certain business goals, she replied “ one likes failing do they?” And I don’t believe anyone does, but what about those who manage...

5 Steps to Dealing with Idiots at Work

  It’s interesting how often we hear ourselves or others refer to a colleague as “stupid/short sighted/an idiot”.   The comment is usually expressed with a heartfelt sense of exasperation and frustration. Can’t this misguided individual see that what they’re...

Slaying the Naysayers

Slaying the Naysayers We all know one or probably more than one the people in our work environment who shoot down our fledgling ideas and tell us why what we suggesting won’t work. It can be so frustrating, you come up with a new idea or concept, or are valiantly...