Meet Virginia Walker

International Coach, Mentor, Speaker, and Author

You are probably here because you are a senior leader or business owner who is responsible for team or organisational change. The attraction to major change is almost certainly in your blood. You want to improve things, make the world a better place, maybe even leave a legacy. When the opportunity appears your spirit soars and you know you can make a difference.

But the opportunity is not always, or even often, what you expect. At times you find yourself feeling uncertain, alone, unsupported – sometimes desperately so. Surely that’s not how it’s meant to be when you’re striving to achieve shared goals and help others?

Meet Virginia Walker, one of Australia’s leading experts on business transformation.

20 years of practical senior leadership experience at the coal face in companies like Commonwealth Bank, Hewlett Packard and IBM has taught her just about everything there is to know about one of the most intimidating things any organisation can ever decide to do – radically reform the way it does business.

Virginia has experienced the highs and the lows of organisational and personal change and combines her wisdom and knowledge to provide the tools, techniques and understanding to support you on your journey. Her aim is to enable you to achieve success for yourself and your business.

“As a passionate leader you make more difference than you are aware of and inspire more people than you’ll ever know.”

"No two transformation programs are ever the same."

My Journey Here

Virginia started her mentoring and coaching consultancy after leaving the corporate world and embarking on a personal development journey. One that involved many adventures including travelling to France in search of the holy grail and meditating with horses!

Ultimately this led her to combine her business and leadership know-how with training and experience in archetypal and executive coaching. Following her passion, Virginia now works with business owners and senior leaders to help them deliver, and learn from, organisational change and major transformation programs.

Virginia strongly believes in making the working world one where people can thrive, not just survive. She cares passionately about supporting those who wish to be strong and effective leaders – the ones who help their team learn and grow, while delivering important and exciting changes that improve the lives of customers and stakeholders.

Outside of work, her other loves are her wonderful daughter, very special partner, golf, and she’s known to be partial to great Rieslings!

Ready to Get Started?

To maximise the results of your transformation journey, I am of the strong belief that there needs to be a good fit between client and coach. To help determine if I am the best coach for you, I am pleased to offer you a FREE initial consultation (valued at $995) where you will:

  • Clarify your coaching objectives
  • Find out what coaching could do for you
  • Understand the benefits of the program to your business and life
  • Get a feel for the way I work and what results you can expect to get in our time together